Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints? We Dat.

Gameday….ahhhhhhhh. I have mixed emotions about the season finally starting. I’m thrilled to be back to football (the NFL commercials got to me), but I was also pretty happy reveling in Super Bowl XLV.

I’d rather be surprised by success than disappointed by expectations so I’m predicting the Packers finish 11-5, NFCN champs. I absolutely refuse to predict the playoffs lest I be held responsible for my prediction.

As for tonight, I made the mistake of inviting some Saints fans over for some friendly jabbing…except I’m really not that friendly when I watch football so I’ll mostly be jabbing. In fact, I’ve been known to spend the majority of close games curled up in the fetal position under our coffee table…but I couldn’t resist the promise of crawfish mini pies.

It’s hard to not like the Saints. I’ve had serious thoughts about stealing Drew Brees’s baby, and I don’t even like babies. They also went through a hurricane. After going through a hurricane here in D.C. last week, I can empathize (kidding, kidding….too soon?). But all those nice things aside, I want to beat the Saints. And I think we will. Here’s why: no-huddle offense and a better defense.

God help the poor linebacker who gets stuck covering Jones or Finley when we spread them out in no huddle. And God help Drew Brees when Clay Matthews is coming at him at tropical storm wind speed (I didn’t want to mention hurricanes again). It should be a good game. I think it will be a close game, but I’m giving the edge to my heart and the home team.

Team USA? Apparently not….

It’s been a rough week. Today’s loss by Team USA was excruciating. Penalty kicks can be a really exciting way to win, but man was it a tough way to lose.

On the plus side, it doesn’t sting quite as much since I recently found out that I’m not even an American. Apparently, North Dakota, the Double Coverage homeland, isn’t really a state. I have no idea what this means. Do I still have to pay taxes? Should I apply for a Green Card? Do we belong to Canada? Or even worse, France? (I find this one hard to believe as I’ve always imagined North Dakota came as a free-with-purchase gift. “That’s right, America, if you call within the next 5 minutes, we’ll throw in the Dakota territory absolutely free!!!“)

But have no fear, faithful readers. We refuse to let this little citizenship hiccup stand in the way of our all-American football blog.