Monday Morning Cornerback

Katie was so distraught after the Nats loss that she fled DC for the weekend and left me in charge. [This is Megan’s kind way of saying I had to check myself into a mental institution until I recovered from a serious case of saditude.]


The best thing about the Jets win today? They stopped paying attention to the QB position (except for some trickeration, which apparently is the only way for them to be effective) and just ran the ball, like they should’ve been doing all along.

The Browns left the loser circle for the first time this year. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon.

It’s an RG3 love fest in D.C., and let’s be honest, that town could use some love.

At one point I dozed off, happy that the Falcons were going to lose. Then I woke up.

Joe Buck called the Giants/49ers game and then motored across town to call the Cardinals/Giants game. That’s not confusing at all.

The Ravens may have beat the Cowboys, but their defense is in injury shambles.

The Seahawks. Ugh. (Also, every time the Seahawks win a game they jump around like it’s the playoffs. That should tell you something about the caliber of the Seahawks.)


Twitter always ruins surprises. How is the rest of the world watching the same game before I do?

The key to beating the 49ers? Get up on them early. So much for them getting revenge on the Giants.

Everybody in the AFC East is 3-3.

Hiccups are the worst. They interrupted my football viewing.

I thought the only way John Skelton would get his starting job back was if Kevin Kolb got hurt which happened. But, then he threw an INT in OT, so…..

Who even remembers there was a Thursday night game by the time Sunday rolls around? ┬áIt’s like it never even happened.

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